Sunday, November 12, 2017

Destination folder access denied you need permission to perform this action In Windows

Recently I decided to try and move my Micrososft Store files off my C drive. While doing this many parts of Windows 10 stopped functioning properly. My only option was to try and move the folders and files back. Well when in the process of doing so I started getting the error "Destination folder access denied you need permission to perform this action " . Now the first thing one would think is make sure you take ownership of the destination folder and grant the user full permissions. This didn't work, so there seems to be some sort of file or folder permission issues within Windows 10. So finally I decided to rename the folder in the destination directory as it only contained one file. i was able to rename this folder and then copy my folder from the other drive back without issue. I then took the one file in the folder I renamed and copied that in the new folder and then was able to delete the other folder. There is surely some sort of bug going on here, but it seems that if you rename the destination folder and reapply permissions and then copy into a new folder, it works without issue. hope this helps solve someone else head ache as I have been working on this for some time today and really everything I seem to do lately in Windows 10 seems to be too involved with some sort of issue.

Monday, October 17, 2016

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How to remove and delete Google application from your Google API Manager - The Easy Way

Have you ever said to yourself, I want to remove and delete that application and start from scratch at the dashboard of the Google API Manager. Well here is a simple way to remove a Google Application from the Google API Manager Dashboard. Simply add your projects name to the end of this URL:

Simply copy the above URL and replace YOURPROJECTID with the google project id which you can get from going to this URL, if you are logged into the account : that will take you right to your dashboard and auto redirect you to your project if you only have the one, if tht is the case just grab the project id which will be at the end of this url like such: . If you have more then one project you can grab the Google project id via and it will take you to your recet project, if that is your project, the ID will be at the end of the URL, if not select your project from the drop down list in the upper left hand corner and once selected your project id will be at the end of the URL. Then to delete your project from the Google API Manager replace YOURPROJECTID with your google project id:

Sunday, September 4, 2016

How to still get Windows 10 for Free After July 29th. Get Window 10 for Free

Here are two ways to Get the Windows 10 Upgrade for free now after July 29th. All links have been verified and used as of 10/20/2016.

First just want to let you know. I started advertising with so when you click a link it may show you an advertisement, they are virus and malware free, if you decide to download and install any of their offerings or you can just click skip the ad as it will take you to the link. Any issues please let me know.

 OK, as some of you know Microsoft was giving away Windows 10 for free to users who had Windows 7 +. Well for those of you who waited or did not grab the ISO waiting on a service pack 1, don;'t worry, there are still ways to get get Windows 10 for Free. Yes I said it, you can still get Windows 10 for free after July 29th 2016. Here are a few ways that I have found to upgrade your version of Windows 7, 8, 8.1:

#1 Become a Windows Insider.which you can do here: Become a Windows Insider if you are not one you can choose how fast you receive updates, slow track or fast track, this also works for Windows Phone and Windows devices. Only downside to this, it would be considered beta and some do not like running that.  Once you are an insider you can download Windows 10 if you are running windows 7+, or even Windows 10. You can then use the Windows 10 RefreshWindowsTool. This will remove all the bloat and do a fresh install of Windows 10 from the Anniversary build, You can download the fresh image from here:Windows 10 Refresh Tool Images Then remove yourself from the insider program and you then switch to slow updates and it will be as if you have retail. If you cannot find this tool email me or send a comment and I can send it to you.

Here is also a good article on how to use the Refresh Windows Tool: Learn about how the Windows 10 Refresh Tool Image Works

#2 is Microsoft has still made Windows 10 available for those with accessibility, which you can get here:

Windows 10 upgrade for assistive technology users

The direct download link at this time is : Windows10Upgrade24074.exe

At this time this means if you use narrator or any accessibility device or software you can easily upgrade or even later when they no longer have the download available per their FAQs, so if you need the file and it is no longer up, message me. Microsoft really has no way to verify this, so I am not sure how long this will will be made available. Plus at some time or another some have used narrator of magnifier glass or zoom in.

I have seen a few others posted out there, but these I have used on a few of my own machines without any issues. There is a one reporting if you change the time you can trick the Microsoft server into serving you the old page etc... I did try this and it was nothing but a nightmare and didn't work for me, and and tried this today 9/4.

Anyway, hope this helps some one save some time and enjoy Windows 10.

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Best Free Windows and Linux Partition Manager . By far the Best Partition Manager I have found to assist me to Dual boot Windows and Linux. Works Great and No Malware or Adware.

The Best Free Partition Manager for Windows to prepare for Linux Windows or any other Operating System.

Recently I wanted to Dual boot Kali Linux and Windows 10. Now as some of you may know that networking and built in network cards do not work well with Kali Linux (Formally Backtrack) in a Virtual Machine. It is best to just dual boot. I did not want to have to use the built-iin Windows tools and Shrink the volume and not be able to merge etc... So I searched and searched and even found versions of this product that were nothing but spyware, junk, and crap. So make sure when searching for Partition Master Free Software and come Across "EaseUS Partition Master Download"Make sure you are o their website abd look for download the software from here . I have checked for Malware, Viruses and Trjonas and it is clean and works well in Windows 10. Here is a screen shoot and a list of features, this is a must have and best of all it is fre for no commercial use. I will say the registration and siging up for an account didn't work right but ehy all well. The software works:

Partition Manager for Windows

Partition Manager for Windows and Linux
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One of the best self help files i have seen, this is a very easy to use software and without having to reinstall Windows 10 or add a new hard drive I was able to change the sizes of my partitions and merge them as I needed to to make Kali Linux and Windows 10 Dual boot no problem on my 500 GB drive, Hope this helps others when it comes time to re-partition their drives, because searching around for free Partition Manager tools can be a nightmare and you never know what you are downloading, but as you can see from what my review, you can trust this software. Good luck and let me know if you need any assistance.

James E. Campbell, Jr.
MCP, MCSE,MCSA, Security +
Telephone 570-223-8452 24/7 leave a message and I will get back to you. No Solicitations

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Learn all about Bitcoin and how to get it how to spend it and how to make Bitcoin

Ever wonder what this new currency called BitCoin is, and how to spend BitCoin and how to Mine Bitcoin. Well as a lot of you out there have heard this new digital currency is now being accepted almost everywhere, here is your chance to learn all you would want to know about BitCoin.

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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Introducing my Kali Linux Blog - Ultimate Kali Penatration Testing Guides and Tips

I am happy to announce my new blog that I started today, Ultimate Kali. While the content is currently thin, I plan on writing many articles on the use of Kali Linux and how to become more security aware.

The guides will cover all software that is included with the Kali Linux Distribution of Linux, which is a Penetration based Linux Operating system,

Check it out over at Ultimate Kali