Sunday, September 4, 2016

How to still get Windows 10 for Free After July 29th. Get Window 10 for Free

Here are two ways to Get the Windows 10 Upgrade for free now after July 29th. All links have been verified and used as of 10/20/2016.

First just want to let you know. I started advertising with so when you click a link it may show you an advertisement, they are virus and malware free, if you decide to download and install any of their offerings or you can just click skip the ad as it will take you to the link. Any issues please let me know.

 OK, as some of you know Microsoft was giving away Windows 10 for free to users who had Windows 7 +. Well for those of you who waited or did not grab the ISO waiting on a service pack 1, don;'t worry, there are still ways to get get Windows 10 for Free. Yes I said it, you can still get Windows 10 for free after July 29th 2016. Here are a few ways that I have found to upgrade your version of Windows 7, 8, 8.1:

#1 Become a Windows Insider.which you can do here: Become a Windows Insider if you are not one you can choose how fast you receive updates, slow track or fast track, this also works for Windows Phone and Windows devices. Only downside to this, it would be considered beta and some do not like running that.  Once you are an insider you can download Windows 10 if you are running windows 7+, or even Windows 10. You can then use the Windows 10 RefreshWindowsTool. This will remove all the bloat and do a fresh install of Windows 10 from the Anniversary build, You can download the fresh image from here:Windows 10 Refresh Tool Images Then remove yourself from the insider program and you then switch to slow updates and it will be as if you have retail. If you cannot find this tool email me or send a comment and I can send it to you.

Here is also a good article on how to use the Refresh Windows Tool: Learn about how the Windows 10 Refresh Tool Image Works

#2 is Microsoft has still made Windows 10 available for those with accessibility, which you can get here:

Windows 10 upgrade for assistive technology users

The direct download link at this time is : Windows10Upgrade24074.exe

At this time this means if you use narrator or any accessibility device or software you can easily upgrade or even later when they no longer have the download available per their FAQs, so if you need the file and it is no longer up, message me. Microsoft really has no way to verify this, so I am not sure how long this will will be made available. Plus at some time or another some have used narrator of magnifier glass or zoom in.

I have seen a few others posted out there, but these I have used on a few of my own machines without any issues. There is a one reporting if you change the time you can trick the Microsoft server into serving you the old page etc... I did try this and it was nothing but a nightmare and didn't work for me, and and tried this today 9/4.

Anyway, hope this helps some one save some time and enjoy Windows 10.

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  1. Thank you for the Windows10Upgrade24074.exe download link. Really appreciate it :)