Friday, December 4, 2015

Creating a Google Application for use in Visual Studio Part 1 - Registering your application with Google

Welcome to part one of my Creating a Google Application for Windows Phone. The first post in my series will be how to setup your application , first by registering your application with Google.

You will want to start by first registering your application here at the Google Developer Console.

Click on create project

 Now you have the ability to create your project name and to show advanced options. The advance options would be used to choose your application data center. I would leave default if you plan on having the majority of your users USA based, if you plan on having more users in Europe or that side of the world you would use the advanced options to change the application data center to that side of the Earth,

Now you will notice most names have been taken, the internal google name will be different, for instance I choose MYAPP, the google application name will be something like MYAPP-0001. In this case I am creating my application named GooGPhone.

Once the application is created you will be brought to the dashboard, here you can add the APIs and try many aspects of the Google Cloud services. In this case we are only interested in the API.

Now before we can access the APIs from an application, we will need to create our credentials. This will be covered in the next part of this series. Till then happy coding and take care...

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