Monday, May 25, 2015

Juniper Terminal Services Client Not working in Chrome anymore - Java Not Enabled in Chrome Anymore - Chrome Disables Java by default

Huh  Juniper Terminal Services Client is not working in Chrome...

So I log in the other day and notice that I can no longer log into work through the Juniper Terminal Services Client. So I scratch my head as to why and what is going on. Talk to the help desk and they don't know and well still could not figure out why I could no longer log in. 

So I end up going back to Internet Explorer which sometimes works with the  Juniper Terminal Services Client Java Plug In and sometimes it just plain does not which was why I was using Chrome to log in through the  Juniper Terminal Services Client, I won't even get into that one, but let's just say after resetting Internet Explorer and erasing all temp files and then rebooting, IE might work.Anyway back to my point; I was talking to a friend of mine who plays this in browser game called Runescape and when I checked it out in Chrome I saw the following "Requires Java plug-in. Not compatible with Google Chrome." and then I ended up finding out that Chrome has disabled The Netscape-era NPAPI, this is now off by default in Chrome 42. and soon will remove it all together. The only way to enable it is to copy the following command in your chrome address bar:


Word has it, this command will also be disabled in September 2015. So I hope either someone finds a perm hack for the Java plug in or Java changes it's API...
Happy Surfing all....


Now seeing this in the browser:

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