Monday, October 17, 2016

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How to remove and delete Google application from your Google API Manager - The Easy Way

Have you ever said to yourself, I want to remove and delete that application and start from scratch at the dashboard of the Google API Manager. Well here is a simple way to remove a Google Application from the Google API Manager Dashboard. Simply add your projects name to the end of this URL:

Simply copy the above URL and replace YOURPROJECTID with the google project id which you can get from going to this URL, if you are logged into the account : that will take you right to your dashboard and auto redirect you to your project if you only have the one, if tht is the case just grab the project id which will be at the end of this url like such: . If you have more then one project you can grab the Google project id via and it will take you to your recet project, if that is your project, the ID will be at the end of the URL, if not select your project from the drop down list in the upper left hand corner and once selected your project id will be at the end of the URL. Then to delete your project from the Google API Manager replace YOURPROJECTID with your google project id: